Young Living owns and operates large farms all over the world all of which were clean and free of chemicals for at least 50 years before Young Living agreed to buy the land. 

Young Living also has small labs on their farms to test the plants right from the field as they mature to determine the exact season and time of day to harvest the crop for the best oil. 

When they purchase from other growers and suppliers, they not only make initial site visits to verify that the oils are being produced and packaged properly, but they have a program of making repeated visits from time to time to make sure the standards are being upheld.

Young Living distills oils at minimum pressures and temperatures to gently coax the oil and all of its compounds into the finished product, even though significant money, time, and labor can be saved by distilling at high pressures and high temperatures, like many companies do. High pressure/high temperature distillation may produce an oil with the fragrance compounds of an oil, but not with the therapeutic compounds. Young Living never uses solvents to finish off the distilling process as many companies do.

Many of the techniques and skills applied in growing and distilling Young Living oils are trade secrets, known only to Gary Young and his trusted employees.

Young Living oils are bottled as they emerge from the still in their complete natural state without adulteration (adding compounds) or refinement (removing compounds).

Young Living was founded in 1991. Gary bought his first farm in 1992 near St. Maries, Idaho, and his second farm in 1995 near Mona, Utah. Gary Young and the company are committed to ensuring a current and future supply of top grade essential oils indefinitely into the future.

If you ever get the opportunity, visit a Young Living farm and distillery and you will begin to see for yourself the care and dedication it takes to produce the finest essential oils in the world. You won't find another company that maintains such meticulous standards from "seed to seal" as does Young Living. Gary Young and Young Living stand alone in the world of essential oils in measuring up to such standards. 

Young Living oils are different than any other brand and have superior attributes that no other brand can rightfully claim. Most companies claim that their oils are "100% pure, Therapeutic Grade, Organically grown, etc." But most of the time their claims and labels are misleading and do not fulfill the standards they claim. 

Gary Young has discovered over 32 essential oils that had never been known to exist. No one in the world has ever done that. Gary names the new essential oils after research establishes their use.

In the U.S. only 5% real oil needs to be present to be labeled "100% Pure". Just another reason why you want to be using Young Living essential oils and only Young Living. You won't get the same results with any other brand of essential oils. Many people who have tried other brands and did not see results thought that essential oils were a waste of money until they tried Young Living essential oils.

Every essential oil is made up of compounds that are unique to that oil which make the oil therapeutic grade. For example, cypress oil has 280 known compounds. If the oil is distilled for 20 hours, only 20 of the properties are present in the oil. If the oil is distilled for 26 hours, zero properties appear. Correctly distilling cypress for 24 hours allows all of the 280 compounds to be present. You don't want to trust your health to anyone but Young Living, the world leader. Young Living is the largest essential oil grower and distiller in the world.

Young Living tests every batch of essential oils in triplicate two times during the production process. There are up to twenty different tests that are done. After passing the tests the oil goes to bottling and is tested again, all tests in triplicate. It takes 20 people just over a week to test each batch.

Young Living’s operations currently have a daily capacity of producing more than 500,000 bottles of oil.

​There is only one world leader in essential oils and that is us. There is only one company in the world with the seed to seal guarantee and that is us. If someone tells you that another brand of essential oils is as good as ours they either don't know the truth or don't care about the truth. Run away from people who think it's OK to lie and join us.

People who tell you that their brand of essential oils is just as good as ours must also think that genetically modified food is as good as organic.